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Whatever you are looking for it needs to be that bit special. Colebrook Sturrock always have a wide range of property available and we are lucky enough to handle some of the most interesting properties around, so hopefully you will find what you are looking for.

If you are seriously looking to buy a property make sure you are registered with us and we will keep you promptly updated with everything that may be suitable. Property Search engines such as Rightmove and the many others to which Colebrook Sturrock subscribes can all help, but the more we know about your needs, the greater the prospect of us being able to give you early notice of a property that may just be ideal, perhaps before it is more widely promoted.

Remember, the more information we have about your circumstances and preferences the better we can match your requirements. Either call your local office or fill out the Buyer Registration form.

Buying as an Investment

Many people will be seeking a home for them and their family. However more and more people are investing in property as an additional source of income, for long-term capital growth or a combination of the two. Also, refurbishment projects are increasingly popular. Before making the commitment of such an investment please talk to us first. We are perfectly placed to advise on how a property may Let or whether an area may look positive for long term growth and we are happy to offer our opinion completely free of charge.