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The sale and purchase of residential property will in many cases involve the need for the provision of financial services: mortgages, life cover, bridging finance etc. From its earliest days, Colebrook Sturrock has believed that the provision of such services should not compromise the professional requirement to act in the client's best interest at all times. Taking a commission from both the seller and the buyer can create obvious conflicts of interest which have been the scourge of agency for many years.

On January 1st 2013, a new piece of legislation, known as the Retail Distribution Review will fundamentally change the way Financial Services are provided, and this will ensure significantly higher standards of training and qualifications for those involved in the provision of such services.

Thus Colebrook Sturrock are pleased to have formed an association with Martin Gullett of Andromeda Associates for the provision of Mortgage Finance and associated life cover products. He has access to the whole market without restriction and will provide the best solution for your funding needs. Click on the hyperlink to see his website and current rates.